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Aquarian DreamsIntuitive Spiritual Guidance
with Cheri Hart
    Cheri is a Visionary, Professional Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, Holistic Guide, & Certified Master-Healer. She has over 25 years experience, and works at a very high spiritual frequency.
    In the beginning of the session, she will balance all your chakras (providing information on the causes of any blocks), infuse you with healing light, and raise your vibrational level.
    Then you can ask specific questions. Cheri will be able to see your aura, see inside your body, your connections with others, guidance for your children, outcomes of situations, and your spiritual gifts.

  20 - 30 minute session.       Cost: $60.00    Appointments: Call 321-729-9495 or sign up here (scroll down)        

bruce3.jpgAstrology Readings
  with Bruce Orion
    Bruce Orion has been a well-known professional astrologer in Sedona, with over 40 years experience.
    There is no greater tool for understanding the intricacies of human nature than the natal astrology chart. By understanding those forces which are behind the events in our lives, we can start to become skillful creators on our paths, using the natural universal flow of energy to propel us towards our spiritual and material goals.
   As we go through life the planets continue their rotation around the sun, forever changing the aspects to your personal chart. By studying these movements we can determine the timing for specific events and psychological processes. Each one of these "transits" have a gift for you, a piece of knowledge and/or power. Often the more difficult the event the greater the final reward. Most of us can honestly say we grew the most mentally and spiritually following some traumatic event. Transits are the classes in the school of life.        
  Bruce Orion has been a frequent speaker at the United Nations, and appeared on many radio and television talk shows, including the Discovery Channel.
  For more information, visit www.bruceorion.com.
1 hour session: $100.00     Appointments: Call 321-729-9495 or sign up here (scroll down)

kim-angel.jpgChanneled Readings with Kim Cochrane
   During your session, Kim will read your energy field and work with your angels and spiritual guides along with the archangels and ascended masters, to clear and transform any blocks or stuck patterns found. Once you're clear, we will add in all the gifts and opportunities that your guides say you are ready to receive! We will also talk with the guides as we are working and you will be free to ask them for their council on any topic. You may ask them to direction the flow of our work, ask Kim to direct the session based on what she reads in your field, or you can direct the course of our work yourself.
     Kim Cochrane is a minister, and ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER. She has over 22 years experience as a consciousness consultant, Reiki master, and mystic guide.
 Cost: $75 for 1/2 hour session, or $130 for 1 hour. (This is a discounted in-person rate at Aquarian Dreams only)     Appointments: Call 321-729-9495 or sign up here (scroll down)

maria-head2016.jpgSessions with Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Rev. Maria Banas
   Sessions include one or several modalities, depending on your need: Deeksha Golden Orb, Reiki, Angel Healing and Bach Flower Remedies.
   Maria Banas has 20 years experience in energy transfer healing modalities.
Reiki (and/or Deeksha) - 60 minute session: $85.00
Reiki (and/or Deeksha) with Tuning Forks - 90 minute session: $130.00

ppointments: Call 321-729-9495 or sign up here (scroll down)


deva-chakra3.jpgChakra Balancings - with Deva
   Deva will gently open your aura, and then balance each of your 7 chakras (energy centers) using a blend of crystals, colored lights, and intuitive healing energy.
   Deva Shanks is a 3rd generation professional intuitive and energy healer.
15 minute session: $20.00
ppointments: Call 321-729-9495 or sign up here (scroll down)


melissa-prayer.jpgVirtual Spiritual Life Coaching - with Melissa Lopez
   Personal & Spiritual Development coaching sessions with Melissa Lopez are customized distinctly to put you on a path to achieving your biggest goals, creating more peace in your life, finding deeper fulfillment and tapping into authentic empowerment to help you live your best life.
   Melissa is a professional Life Coach, holistic practitioner, and certified Reiki-Healer.
1 hour session: $70.00
ppointments: Call 321-729-9495 or sign up here (scroll down)